Construire la catégorie de discipline scolaire en didactique(s)

Yves Reuter


In this paper we examine how the didactics construct theoretically
the concept of “disciplinary subject”. We disclose its importance, that
is to say we exhibit the epistemological, historical and institutional
reasons that explain the links between didactics and subjects. Next,
we put forward some explanations to the lost of time that has affected
this concept’s theoretical construct. Then we list the chosen categories:
definition, descriptive features, “main core”, “disciplinary configuration”,
disciplinary system and means of appropriation (through the concepts of
“disciplinary awareness” and “disciplinary experience”). To conclude, we
consider four questions: the one of some unresolved questions in which the
construction of the disciplinary subject conceptualization is involved, the
one of the multiplicity of the names of the disciplinary subjects, the one of
the critical relationship with these subjects and the one of the links between
didactics and compared didactics.

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