A Difusão De Arquivos Fotográficos através do AtoM (Access to Memory) O exemplo da fotografia de arquitetura

Graça Barradas


In  general,  the  dissemination of  photographic  archival  fonds  or  collections  is carried out by databases, which can be presented with different configurations depending on the institution that has the photos' custody. For the one hand, there are  sets  of  photos  in  the  museums,  using  databases  usually   directed  to  art collections for their catalogation, such as Matriznet; on the other hand,  there are libraries  and  documentation  centers  using  bibliographic  catalogation  on photographs; moreover, there are several archives containing  photographic funds and collections, usually cataloguing them through archive's standards.

 The  present  communication  intends  to  focus  on  the  last  topic, analyzing   the functionalities of AtoM (Access to Memory)  as a tool for cataloguing, indexing and disseminating photographic  archives. This free software from  ICA  (International Council  on  Archives)  is based on  the  international standards  ISAD(G),  ISAAR (CPF),  ISDIAH    and   ISDF.   It   will   be   analyzed    its   straight,   weaknesses, opportunities  and   threats,   taking   as  example   the   on   going   project   about architectural  photography of the Teofilo Rego Photographic Archive (Museu  Casa da Imagem -Manuel Leão Foundation).

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