A fotografia no sistema de informação Marques da Silva/Moreira da Silva: uma abordagem sistémica

Sofia Elisabete Nogueira Costa


In  this  scientific  article  we  intend   to  approach   the  treatment  of  the  Family Photography  of the  Information System  Marques  da  Silva/Moreira  da Silva. This work  is  based  on  a  project  developed  within   the  scope of  a master's  thesis  - presented to the Faculty of Arts of the University  of Porto in 2014 - entitled  "The Family Photography on the Information System Marques da Silva/ Moreira da Silva: a systemic approach". According  to the concept of heritage presented by Laurajane Smith  on her book Uses of Heritage - the relevance of the Marques  da Silva family justifies  the  classification  of photography  as  Cultural   Heritage,  that  should  be managed, protected and shared. Working with this concept and with other concepts related with the Information Science and with the Systemic Theory, we proceed to the treatment of  family  photography,   to  its  integration   in  the  Information  System Marques  da Silva!Moreira  da Silva and its online availability  through  the archival management software  AToM. Regarding  the  treatment and dissemination of  the Marques   da   Silva  Family   Photography,   it  was necessary  to  establish   a  legal framework   to  determine   which  photographs   could  be  released.  Regarding  the Portuguese legislation  - the Direitos de Autor  e Direitos Conexos,  C6digo Civil, Constituic;iio da  Republica Portuguesa,  Lei  Nacional  de  Protec;iio  de  Dados,  Lei 67/98 de 26 de outubro- were analyzed. The photographic archive can be consulted here.

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