Digressões do Ether. A história da fotografia como um hiperdocumento

Susana Lourenço Marques


For  the  photographic  media,  remediation   between  physical  and  digital archive became a monumental convergence of all sort of images, creating the possibilities to combine,  reconnect  and  retrieve  its  meaning  and  authorship, and  the  resulting review of methods to analyse, read and make its historiography.

It  was  in  this  period  of  transition   from  paper  to  screen  that  was published  in Portugal an History of Photography which integrates these arguments, using a combinatorial  method capable of projecting its continuous update in an hypertext version. 'Hist6ria  da  Imagem   Fotogrdfica em  Portugal 1839-1997'   (Sena,  1998), applies a digital image database - 'Luzitania/ether pix database' to index  and link all the images printed in the book, allowing the reader to explore aesthetic, semantic, technical, geographical and political analogies between them.  Upholding a multidirectional  and  non-linear  conception  of  History,  it  proposes a  rhizomatic structure    that    implies   a  method    - an    history    of    photography    as   an hyperdocument - allowing the  reader to view, review, compare  and  question  the sense and notion of the historical time of the photographic image.

This paper examines  how digital  media become an essential tool of readability and visibility  of  History,  and   how   the  displacement   of  perception   provided  by  an hypermedia  structure,  reflects on dematerialization of the image, the shared notion of authorship,  capable of creating a new generation of readers that  think  towards trajectories  formed  by  the  modern   media   of communication  - from  press  to photography, from cinema to television -to the hypermodern  media of computation.

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