Image's travel

Didiana Prata


This article deals with the 'grand  tour' of indexed  images on social networks and of new contexts  and functions  of images potentialized  by the media  in which they are produced, edited and published. In light of database aesthetics - a great change in paradigm in which the use of metadata  information is central in the onfiguration, visualization and  design of the  narrative  - we will talk  about  the nature  of this digital and  numerical  image in constant  transformation and how images travel on networks.  Lastly,  we  will  analyze  the  singularities  of  the 'grand  tour'  of  mobile images, and their potentiality as travelling images (transits and rajectories), greater and  more  infinite  than  their  author's   journey. As  an  iconographic  reference, we will use and edit representative images of Siio Paulo's landscape on Instagram, conducted by the author (Prata, 2016).

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