Aliocha : de l’exil à la médiation interculturelle par le biais de la poésie

Maria Teresa Duarte Leão Moreira


Aliocha, the narrator, is a Russian adult exiled in France. He was raised in the French culture, transmitted to him by his grandmother, Charlotte, herself exiled in Russia. It is through her memories, books and other souvenirs contained in her coffer that the narrator “learns” what France is. Those memories allow a constant flow between Aliocha’s childhood, adolescence and adulthood, offering us images of Russia and a France the narrator won’t recognize when getting there. He will always live, whatever its location, between two languages, between two worldviews and two identities that he constantly needs to translate. Rich in his grandmother’s cultural heritage and a privileged translator, Aliocha refugees himself in writing and in the happiness of the cultural mediation.

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