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Tips to Use R4 DS Slot-1 vs R4 DS Slot-2

by Tamela Hartford (2022-04-21)

Nowadays, playing games is not limited to young people.
And online playing games has become more and more popular and advanced these years. Just as we all know that Nintendo is the leading producer of gaming equipments all the years. What is more, the need of R4 DS slots for Nintendo DS consoles has been increasing constantly.

Although there are some other cards such as M3 Zero, R4 DS cards firmly hold the leading position of this industry.

When you have any kind of issues regarding in which and the best way to make use of สล็อต PG, you can contact us on the web site. People are fond of R4 cards for that it is simple and easy-to-use. Also R4 DS is packaged in a special and unique way.

By comparison to other cards, the setup of R4 DS is very simple. Maybe this is the most important reason why people pretend to buy R4 DS instead of other flash cards.

There will instruction manual along with the R4 DS.
The first step is to insert the micro SD Card into the USB reader/writer and then into the computers USB port. Next you need to copy the software in the system from the CD according to the instruction manual.

When you accomplish the above steps, you can load all games that you are planning to play, such as putting the SD chip in the slot on the Nintendo R4 DS cartridge.

The micro SD card has a label marked SD that points to the opposite side of the R4 cartridge label.

And then, you can turn it on. The system files loaded from the R4 DS cartridge and the main menu will appear on the screen. At this time, you can do everything that you want, such as playing games online or watching movies, reading e-books and viewing photos, and so on.

To sum up, R4 DS series is the best flash cards.