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by Merle Shakespeare (2022-03-27)

It was one of the most striking moments of the sporting year.
The ball was back on the centre spot after three months without Premier League football and the eyes of the world were on Villa Park.

Referee Michael Oliver blew his whistle to start the match and the players of Aston Villa and Sheffield United dropped to one knee for 10 seconds.

The global TV audience caught its breath and a powerful symbol of solidarity was born inside a deserted stadium in Birmingham.

Premier League players take a knee for the first time before Aston Villa face Sheffield United

David McGoldrick came up with the idea of taking the knee during Premier League matches

'We wanted to make a point,' recalls David McGoldrick, the 33-year-old Sheffield United and Republic of Ireland striker who came up with the idea.

'No one was expecting it. We kept it quiet. The referee was told about it but not many people knew.

'We were the first game back after lockdown. We knew all eyes would be on the game. We knew everyone would be at home watching it in lockdown.

'I don't think anything like that had been done before, just on the whistle to start the game.


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'We wanted to make a stance and show we were united; 22 players on the pitch, the subs, people on the side, all doing it, to show we were altogether in saying no to racism.'

The football season ground to a halt in mid-March — interrupted for the first time since the Second World War — as the country went into lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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