Contribuições do Projeto Interação para a abordagem educativa do patrimônio cultural

João Lorandi Demarchi


With the transformations that took place in cultural policy in Brazil since the 2000s, the field of heritage education has been democratized. In this process, inspiring experiences were sought in the history of the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN, in Portuguese) for the new performance. Thus, the Projeto Interação entre a Educação Básica e os Diferentes Contextos Culturais Existentes no País (1982-1986) — Interaction Project between Basic Education and the Different Cultural Contexts Existing in the Country (1982-1986) — was valued as an example for rethinking educational practices with cultural references. However, this appropriation of the Projeto Interação was limited to the memories of the remaining IPHAN professionals who worked at the agency in the 1980s. This article seeks to overcome the absence of systematic studies presenting the research done in the Central Archive of Brasília and demonstrating how the principles of Interação are currently present at IPHAN.

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