Characterization of teaching and learning styles in geography: a step towards their inclusion in secondary classrooms

José Díaz-Serrano


This paper constitutes a summary of the main contributions of a PhD thesis focused on the understanding of the processes of educational influence; that is to say, the practices that allow teachers and other educational agents to help, in an adjusted way, the students. Specifically, this is a study that attempt to define the learning and teaching styles as a decisive aspect in these processes of influence and, therefore, in the evaluation of the students and their performance. Highlighting the necessity to transfer our results to classroom practices and taking as a theoretical reference the cycle of experiential learning, the methodological research procedure is approached from a mixed design and structured according to the CIPP model of evaluative research of an educational geography program. The participants are teachers and students from 10 secondary schools in Murcia (Spain), including a group of 23 students who received the implementation of the defined educational sequence whose evaluation, analysis and discussion have led a series of conclusions that will guide future educational designs, through the learning and assessment activities, according to the learning style of the students.

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