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Playable game of the year PGSLOT

by Launa Taormina (2022-06-15)

Many online slots are provided for you, more than 90 games that will bring you amazing experience through PG SLOT entrance , huge jackpot bonus waiting for you to get it. Don't let anyone fool you If not, come and try it for yourself.

Playable game of the year PGSLOT

Sholin Soccer
Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer, an unusual slot designed with a football team theme. But it's strange that it's not an ordinary football team. But it is a Shaolin football team that comes with special features. Getting 3 Scatter images will give you access to free spins bonus. where we can choose how many free spins we need But the more you choose the number of spins, the more The smaller the multiplier, the lower the multiplier. There are 5 variations. Available as follows: 4 free spins, 1000x multiplier bonus, 6 free spins, 500x multiplier bonus, 8 free spins, 300x multiplier bonus, 10 free spins, 200x multiplier bonus, free spins. 12 spins, bonus multiplier 150 times, the more you bet. The higher the reward

Journey To The Wealth

Journey To The Wealth, a slot that is designed from the legend of China such as Sai Yu, by bringing the main characters in the story such as Sun Wukong, Sua Jeng, Tu Bai, etc. to make a symbol. The game is interesting in that getting 2 or more Scatters will enter the Respin feature, which is a random character symbol to be a special Wild, but if you collect 3 Scatter will enter the Free Spins mode 10 free. Once along with the spin, Wild while in free spins mode turns your character golden. And add 2 more free spins per 1 golden character, the golden character represents the Wild symbol.

PG SLOT Icon GAMES Dragon-Hatch
Dragon Hatch

Dragon Hatch is designed in the theme of a dragon goddess who guards and protects the 3 baby dragons that come out of the egg. Help players to awaken the dragon of fortune. Each little dragon has different abilities. The green color helps to change the symbols. to be a special symbol The blue one randomly gives 4 Wild symbols, the red one changes the symbol. is a special symbol to switch channels Increase the bonus distribution rate good

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