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Genoa and Sampdoria Serie A games postponed in wake of bridge collapse

by Marcy Bottrill (2022-06-28)

The Serie A matches involving Genoa and Sampdoria on Sunday have been postponed at the request of the two clubs in the wake of Tuesday's motorway bridge collapse in their city which killed at least 38 people.

An 80-metre-long section of the bridge, part of a motorway linking the port city of Genoa with southern France, gave way in busy lunchtime traffic, sending dozens of vehicles into free-fall.

Genoa's chief prosecutor, judi parlay Francesco Cozzi, said on Thursday that 10-20 people were still missing.

The highway bridge collapsed in Genoa on Tuesday, killing at least 38 people

A truck is left just short of falling over the edge after the bridge collapsed

Lega Serie A said it had postponed Genoa's match at AC Milan and Sampdoria's game at home to Fiorentina following requests made by the two clubs 'as a consequence of the tragedy which has struck the city of Genoa.'

It added that one minute's silence would be held before the other eight league matches at the weekend in memory of the victims.

Genoa said on Twitter that club president Enrico Preziosi had requested the postponement 'following the state of mourning in the whole city of Genoa.'

Serie A said that new dates for the matches had not yet been decided.


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