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by Avis Fetty (2022-11-18)

Do you recognize what mobile phone micro-payment cash is? We took a look at what smart phone micro-payment cash is, exactly how to money in micro-payment, what sorts of micro-payment money are, what are the sites that supply micro-payment paying solutions, and what are the information fee cashing, what are the micro-payment plans and points to take notice of in purchases. Please describe it very carefully and also know with it to assist you use it.

Small payment policy and safety measures
1. Little repayment plan
When it comes to the small repayment plan, it can be separated right into 2 kinds: the little payment policy as well as the payment firm plan of the three telecommunication business, "KT" and also "SKT" and also "LGU+". These 2 things are different, but they are linked together via computer systems. If you pay the smart phone costs, you will certainly not have the ability to pay the percentage of repayment plan by telecommunication business, and the longer the overdue duration, the a lot more computerized the settlement firm will be, so the limit of "information fee" and "content charge" will not be available quickly. As well as even if you are overdue for just someday, you must be careful because the past due rate of interest will certainly be "4%" for the quantity utilized for little repayments. If you spend for your smart phone bill, you will have a background of unpaid bills, which will decrease the limit of tiny repayments, and also you may be subject to assents for using tiny payments for a long period of time


Because the policies of the 3 telecoms firms as well as repayment companies are different, even if there is some staying limit on the tiny settlement of the 3 telecommunications companies, if the settlement company's plan ends up being difficult, the small settlement may not continue efficiently. If too much tiny repayments are made, tiny settlements are made more than a specific quantity at once, or present certifications, which are most likely to be exchanged for cash money, are subject to the payment agency's surveillance system, so please be careful


If you see an error saying it is difficult as a result of the small settlement policy, contact your carrier or the client facility of the settlement firm you were trying to wage the settlement and also ask why the mistake is happening. If you become incapable to pay small amounts, you will have to try to profit 'info costs' in order to bypass such plans, which can be a significant burden since the payment part becomes really high. As a result, it is needed to take excellent care of it to make sure that the creditworthiness of telecommunication companies and repayment firms does not drop.

Tiny settlement policy and precautions.
1. Small repayment policy.
As for the small repayment plan, it can be divided into two kinds: the small settlement policy as well as the payment agency policy of the 3 telecommunication business, "KT" as well as "SKT" and "LGU+". These two points are separate, however they are linked together with computer systems. If you pay the smart phone costs, you will certainly not be able to pay the small amount of repayment policy by telecommunication companies, 정보이용료현금화 as well as the longer the past due period, the much more computerized the payment agency will certainly be, so the limit of "details charge" and "content fee" will certainly not be offered soon. And also even if you are overdue for simply eventually, you need to take care since the overdue passion will be "4%" for the quantity used for tiny settlements. If you pay for your cellphone expense, you will have a history of unpaid bills, which will certainly reduce the limit of little payments, and also you might go through sanctions for using small repayments for a long time


Given that the policies of the three telecoms business and also payment agencies are separate, even if there is some remaining limit on the small payment of the three telecoms firms, if the repayment company's policy comes to be impossible, the tiny payment might not proceed efficiently. If excessive little repayments are made, tiny settlements are made more than a particular quantity each time, or present certifications, which are likely to be traded for cash money, go through the payment company's monitoring system, so please beware


If you see an error claiming it is difficult due to the tiny repayment policy, call your carrier or the consumer facility of the payment firm you were trying to wage the payment and also ask why the error is occurring. If you end up being unable to pay percentages, you will certainly need to attempt to capitalize 'details costs' in order to bypass such policies, which can be a massive concern because the compensation part becomes really high. Consequently, it is needed to take good care of it so that the creditworthiness of telecommunication companies as well as settlement firms does not drop


SK Small Repayment Plan.
KT's Little Settlement Plan.
LGU+ Micro-payment Policy.
2. Other preventative measures.
When trying to squander tiny payments and also cash out 'information usage costs', 정보이용료 remember that it is only feasible with a smart phone in your name. This is a measure to avoid deceptive damages to small repayments, such as 'name theft' and 'scams from a third party'. Also, minors can not utilize any deals through cellphone small settlements. If you intend to money in tiny settlements making use of an apple iphone rather than a smart device (Android), you may mount Cultureland or Goodpin, which is supported as an iPhone-only app, or you might remove the USIM chip made use of for the apple iphone and momentarily put it right into your smart device. Since there are no apps in the App Store that relate to micro-payment or details usage costs. Nonetheless, recently, smart phone tiny payments or 'information use fees' have actually appeared on apples iphone somewhat. On top of that, you can utilize small repayments similarly as ordinary cellphones in "budget friendly phone," however you can not proceed with cashing tiny settlements in "pre paid phone." In other words, small settlements are not possible in 'pre-paid phones'.

3. Payment not paid in percentages.
Just how should I resolve the unpaid part of the small repayment? How do I appear the plan of little repayment cash service providers for overdue cellular phone expenses? Because of the unsettled little settlement plan, it is difficult, so I wish to tell you just how to fix the trouble when cellphone tiny payment is not offered. It would certainly be really hard if a telecommunication company's plan error shows up in a situation where you are urgently trying to get cash money with a small payment on your phone. From now on, I will certainly speak about the technique of paying tiny settlements in the circumstance of unsettled repayments because of the service provider's policy. If you intend to proceed with little repayments with an unsettled phone because you could not pay the cellphone interaction cost, you will be captured in the KT, SKT, LGU+ policy, and you will certainly not have the ability to pay as a result of the unpaid little repayment policy of the three telecommunication firms and repayment companies. It is a policy with the principle that if you don't pay back the interaction fee or payment charge you utilized beforehand ahead of time, you can no more lend money. Then, exists any way to cash in (cash money exchange) by proceeding with small payments in the event of a cellphone overdue provider policy? Luckily, it is not that there is no such thing in all, and also if the overdue period has not been more than 2 months, there is still a method to fix it

Cash in accordance with the plan of telecommunication services that have actually not paid small repayments.
The paying approach that can address the non-payment of small repayments is sometimes called the "non-payment phone" cashing approach, and also if you are captured in a non-payment of three telecommunication firms' costs or costs, you can use the small payment restrictions of settlement firms such as Danal as well as Mobilization. There are 2 sorts of restrictions that you can make use of by making small repayments on your phone. That's the limit of the three telecommunications firms and also the quantity of cash paid by the settlement firm. These 2 sorts of small settlement restrictions can be made use of separately, and also the establishments in charge are different, so it may be possible to money in little payments even if they are caught in the unpaid carrier policy. Nevertheless, payment companies such as "Three Telecoms Companies" and "Danal" as well as "Mobile" are not offered forever due to the fact that they are computerized information about unsettled people. Generally, if you make use of a little settlement on your mobile phone, you will be billed the following month's interaction fee, which is why it can just be made use of in a short amount of time less than 2 months. The longer the period of non-payment of small repayments, the much more impossible it will certainly be under the policy of not only the "3 telecoms firms" yet additionally the "settlement agency." Genuine use the settlement company limit does not necessarily mean success, as well as lengthy experience and also know-how related to the unsettled plan are called for to solve the unsettled policy. Therefore, even though the small settlement cashing of "unpaid phones" is high in commission, those who require it will find firms focusing on paying under the very same plan of non-payment of tiny repayments. Due to the three telecommunications business' non-payment policy, our cashing expertise is special, so the success price of cashing tiny repayments without paying mobile phone expenses is extremely high compared to lots of various other firms. We are sharing services to our clients that call us.