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The Benefits of Using A Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve

by Roman Goldstein (2023-07-07)

A pneumatic actuated ball valve utilizes compressed air to remotely control media from a remote location. A pneumatic actuated ball valve does not rely on an electric motor, but instead it requires electricity when coupled with either an integral solenoid or a pilot valve. Here is a breakdown of the major parts:

Parts - The major components of a pneumatic actuated ball valve are the actuator and the valve body. The actuator consists of two parts: a drum that contains compressed air, and a shaft that connects the drum to the valve body. Additionally, a diaphragm acts as a safety valve by stopping the flow of pressure through the valve.

Components - The other component that makes up the entire system is the solenoid. Solenoids control the pressurized air. Typically, there is one main solenoid per side of the actuator shaft, but multiple solenoids can be installed on the same shaft if needed. When a valve is used in an air operated ball valve, it will have a single solenoid per side. The type of solenoid needed will depend on the type of valve being used.

How it Works - Once a pipe is selected for use as an air check valve, the pipes are placed in a cylinder that holds a pressurized amount of air. Once the pipe is filled with air, the cylinder is sealed off and a solenoid is installed on each side of the pipe. When a pressurized amount of air is released from the air check valve, the solenoids open up and allow the flow of air through the valve and into the cylinder. When a sudden force is applied to the pipe, the solenoids close up and prevent the flow of air and the release of gas.

Benefits of the CF8 Stainless Steel Air Operated Ball Valve - While the process is somewhat similar to the hydraulic process used in ball valves, there are several benefits to the air operated valve process. The primary benefit is efficiency. There is no need to open or shut down a system when there is a mechanical issue. This means there is not need to worry about pipes that are leaking or valves that are damaged. There is also no need to change out the air check valve because the solenoids and the piston can work under any type of circumstances.

An additional benefit of the CF8 stainless steel air operated ball valves is the variety of control settings available. This is different than other types of valves in that there are several different valve sizes from which to choose. This means there are options for controlling the air flow rate, the speed of the piston, and even the amount of pressure released. Some of these settings can be preset so the user will not have access to these functions unless they know what they are doing. This makes the process of performing maintenance or repairs on a system very simple.

The final benefit of these types of pneumatic actuated ball valve systems is the variety of different pressures they can operate at. The pressure that the system can handle is dependent on the weight and the volume of the gas or air that is being acted upon. They can handle moderate to heavy pressures and be able to maintain a constant flow rate no matter what the pressure may be. This is important because some industries require high pressures.

There are a variety of reasons why a business would need to use one of these systems. These benefits make them an excellent choice when making your business decisions. The variety of options as well as the benefits make this type of valve an excellent choice for many applications. You are only limited by the size of your business and the amount of airflow you need to keep your business running smoothly.