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The houses in astrology

by Numbers Flanigan (2022-03-28)

The First House, which is ruled by the Ascendant, determines who you are. You are who you are because you were born with a certain body type, physical appearance, and temperament. People's lives are strongly influenced by planets in the First House of their natal charts (for instance, Mercury in the First House is a sign of a chatterbox, while the moon in the First House reveals someone who wears emotions on their sleeve). We eventually see our dreams come to fruition as new initiatives, views, or ideas take shape when planets in the sky transit through this house during the beginning of the cycle. This House is associated with the energy of Aries.

This is the second house where the occupants have possessions.

32293275787_9268619691.jpgThere are many aspects of the Second House that have to do with our own money and how we perceive value. Emotions are likewise covered by the law, which governs money (and often affect us even more than money does). The material world is a refuge for natal planets in the Second House. The transit of planets in the Second House indicates changes in one's resources or self-confidence. Taurus energy is associated with this house.

The House of Communication's Third Floor
The third house governs all aspects of communication, transportation, and the community at large.. Natal planets in the Third House are driven by the need to express oneself and may frequently assist you in developing intimate bonds with your peers. The majority of issues may be resolved via effective communication, which is the cornerstone of all lasting partnerships. It is common for us to obtain critical information regarding our local network when the planets transit the third house. Gemini energy may be found in this House.

The House of the Family and the Fourth House
The Fourth House, which stands at the bottom of the chart, represents home and family. If a person's natal planets fall in the Fourth House, it reveals how they feel about their mother and how they see home life in general. There are typically planetary influences in this area of the chart encouraging us to build more private and nurturing areas for ourselves so that we may feel loved and cared for. Relationships with blood or adopted family (including pets) are likewise governed by the Fourth House. The vitality of Cancer is reflected in this House.

This is the fifth and last house of gratification.
The fifth house is associated with children, creativity, and romance. Planets in the fifth house of your natal horoscope are related to your inherent artistic expression, while planets transiting the fifth house frequently bring eureka moments that increase our self-esteem. Whether it's orgasms, attention or a creative endeavour, the fifth house is all about what makes you happy. The vitality of Leo resides here. If you have any thoughts relating to in which and how to use zodiac synastry, you can call us at our webpage. The House of Health is the sixth house from the top.

Health, wellbeing, and everyday activities, including odd tasks, are under the Sixth House. When you're born, you have a body in the First House. When you're old, you have a body in the Sixth House. It's important to remember that our environment and lifestyle choices have an impact on our health, including self-care, a decent work-life balance, and how much time we spend in the sun. Organization and structure are important to those whose natal planets are in this area, so they pay special attention to details like keeping track of their schedules and keeping track of their appointments. The transit of the planets in the sixth house helps us create habits and reshape our daily routines. A Virgo's energy may be found in this House of Cards.

Room 7: The Partnership

First House Ascendant and the Seventh House (the Descendant) are both located in the First House. When it comes to an individual's immediate surroundings—money, house, and friends—all of the Houses have thus far focused on that. The idea of perspective, on the other hand, is presented in the Seventh House. Your "cosmic plus one," which includes your love partners as well as other significant relationships in your life, is represented by the Seventh House. People born with planets in the Seventh House have a strong affinity for partnerships in all aspects of their lives. Close negotiations, secure our relationships, and make things formal with planets transiting the Seventh House. This House is associated with the energy of Libra.

Death, Sex and Transformation are all in the 8th House.

What is the connection between sex, death, and transformation? Animalistic impulses are to blame. You're more likely to be drawn to mystical or occult subjects, you'll have strong romantic relationships, and you'll probably through a number of fantastic makeovers in your lifetime. Even though we'll all die, the Eighth House teaches us that we may indulge in our pleasures without guilt because we'll all die one day, but we must constantly be ready to let go of the past for the sake of moving forward. Transiting planets help us comprehend any situation's underbelly and serve as a reminder of life's intricacies. Scorpios will feel right at home in this House.

Philosophy's Ninth House

The ninth house is characterized by exploration, philosophy, and higher education. Your village's location in medieval astrology was tied to locations and people outside of it. As a result, we see this space as a place for both physical and figurative investigation. It's no surprise that those born with natal planets in the Ninth House have a deep-seated desire to see the world. Planets crossing the Ninth House often cause us to begin studying a new subject, relocate to another country, or adopt an entirely new viewpoint. Keeping an open mind and a willingness to learn new things is encouraged in the Ninth House. There is a strong Sagittarius influence in this house.

The tenth house of social standing is called

The summit of your unique tale is placed in the Tenth House, which is also known as the House of Popularity because of its placement at the very top of the birth chart. The Tenth House also influences one's public image, professional objectives, and successes in the professional arena. A person with natal planets in the tenth house is likely to be ambitious, and career changes are common when planets transit this area. Capricorns will feel right at home in this House.

Friendship's Eleventh House
The Eleventh House, which begins its decline, helps us recall why we work so hard and who we share our triumphs with. Humanitarian endeavors and our personal network are both represented by the Eleventh House. This refers to the people in our lives that we consider friends and family and who have been instrumental in helping us get where we are now. The Eleventh House is also home to technology and invention, therefore persons born with planets here are generally characterized by their innovative ideas. Observing transiting planets in this area helps us to expand our sphere of influence as we define our place in the world. Aquarius is the sign associated with this House.

The Twelfth House of the Intuition

At dawn, the Twelfth House appears just beyond the horizon: it's literally the darkness before the light. Twelfth House rules the "unseen domain," which includes all things like dreams, secrets, and emotions, which have no physical form. Those born with planets in the Twelfth House frequently have a keen sense of intuition, if not outright psychic abilities as well. When planets move through the Twelfth House, we are more likely to meet karma individuals in our lives, but we must also keep in mind that not all relationships are intended to survive. Pisces energy is associated with this House.