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National Lottery row 'could cost good causes fund £1bn', says ex-boss

by Herman Lauterbach (2022-05-27)


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Camelot is understood to want to regain control of the lottery by overturning the decision in court, rather than recoup its potential losses.
A judge is expected to ultimately decide whether damages are appropriate.

'It's a very bureaucratic organisation. [Former BBC Foreign Editor] John Sergeant used to tell me many years ago, 'Never forget the BBC's a bureaucracy and you can't expect it to have a heart in one sense because it functions as a bureaucracy.' 

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A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said today: 'On Monday specialist teams began excavating wooded land near Valley Walk, and yesterday, November 18, on day four of the search, they began preparing for the use of specially-trained victim identification dogs alongside hand and mechanical excavations.'

She expressed her concern in a letter to the commission, seen by The Mail on Sunday. Potential damages, which she said would end up being drawn from the fund, could equate to up to a decade's worth of Camelot's profits - the equivalent to the full-term of the next licence.

He told Garvey and Glover: 'I felt that it might be in some way helpful to some people if I opened up about it and say, 'You can do a job and you can be successful, whether it's just reading a bit of autocue or doing whatever it is, that it's possible to do a job, even one that can be quite pressured, or in the public eye, while also dealing with issues like that.' '

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Camelot reacted with shock to the news in March that control of the lottery has been removed after nearly three decades.
It has held the licence since the launch in 1994. The new operator is backed by Czech billionaire Karel Komarek and also operates lotteries in Austria, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus. Camelot boss Nigel Railton said the commission had got the decision ‘badly wrong' and that he had ‘no choice' but to take the matter to court.

Detective Superintendent Joe Banfield, who is leading the Northamptonshire Police operation, said the team had received information from a number of people since the search work began, including from residents who had visited the site and spoken to officers.