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POV blowjob and sex before a wild creampie end

by Penney Nunley (2023-02-10)

My boyfriend and I were trying to make our way to the hotel after dinner when we saw these two hot and horny babes walking down the street. We decided to pull over and talk to them.

girl_with_two_rats-1024x683.jpgThe brunette, Gianna Dior, was interested in talking to us and asked what we were doing in town. We told her we were on vacation and she told us she was, too. We asked if she wanted to come back to our hotel with us and she said she would love to.

The other girl, Donnie Cabo, was also interested in talking to us and told us she had just moved to town and was looking for a friends. We told her we would be happy to be her friend and Blood ( she said she would be, too.

We all got in the car and Friend drove back to our hotel. Once we got there, we all went to our room.

We started talking and it turned out that Gianna and Donnie were both interested in having sex. We told them that we didn't have any condoms, but we could get some if they wanted. They said they didn't need them and wanted to have unprotected sex.

We all got naked and started playing with each other. Gianna started giving me a fantastic blowjob and I was getting really turned on. I started playing with her trimmed pussy and she got really wet.

I couldn't resist getting my hard cock inside her tight pussy. She moaned and screamed as I fucked her hard. Donnie was also stuffing his hard cock into her mouth and she loved it.

We all came together and had the best sex ever. We ended up creaming each other's pussies and we loved it. We would definitely do it again.