Spaces of Utopia

Spaces of Utopia is a double-blind peer review international e-journal of scholarly research in the field of Utopian Studies. It is published in English once a year as part of the Digital Library of the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto (FLUP), Portugal, and has an ISSN number (ISSN 1646-4729). Founded by the members of the research project “Mapping Dreams: British and North-American Utopianism”, hosted by CETAPS - Centre for English, translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies, the journal aims at providing a space for the publication of studies on a wide spectrum of topics related to literary utopias and utopian thought and practices. Although its founding members work in the field of Anglo-American Utopian Studies, the journal welcomes contributions on all subjects within the general field of Utopian Studies (i.e., on any country, period, book, and experiment).